I invited to IWEEE:International Workshop on Effective Engineering Education 2017 at Kisarazu KOSEN.

My presentation theme is Information infrastructure in developing countries:
"Potential contribution of tiny and affordable computers"

I showed how to make a game, 1 min live coding on IchigoJam!

DATA x COMPUTER are best tools to change the world!
Let's create creators in all of the world!
We can teach to kids the "fun to learn" and "how to learn".

Thank you for presentations from Malaysia and Kazakhstan.

Malaysia school students produce product!! Creationg is the best way to learn.

Serer-Client Network Topology with Redundancy by Mandaley Techinological University, Myanmar

with Kazakhstan, L.N.GUMILYOV Eurasian National University members!

with Myanmar, Mandaley Techinological University members!

IoT with Agreculture by Kisarazu KOSEN! Experience is King!

measurement → opendata → with other opendatas → visualization / analyzation / prediction

In this night PCN Kisarazu meeting with delicious shellfishes!

- Home - IWEEE:International Workshop on Effective Engineering Education 2017
- IchigoJam - tiny computer for kids programming
- IchigoJam workshop at Tumba Collage of Technology (トゥンバ高専) in Rwanda Africa
- Programming for Rwandan kids! Open Teaching Materials
- PCN - Programming Club Network

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