PCN members met weth NHK World Swahili in Tokyo NHK!
We introduced tiny computer IchigoJam and our activities in Rwanda and other countries.

How to listen the IchigoJam radio show.

"LIVE" on NHK World - Swahili
17 Dec 12:30-13:00(JST), 5:30-6:00(in Rwanda)

PC or Radio Japan(ラジオ日本) App in Kiswahili(スワヒリ語)(iOS and Android)
After 17 Dec 13:00(JST) 6:00(in Rwanda), until 24 Dec.
"- Ukumbi wa Jumapili - Radio - NHK WORLD - Swahili"

"PCN Kids Programming Contest" waits kids programs from all overs world!
Encourage your kids in your countries!
Including IchigoJam BASIC, any computer languages are OK!

I wrote an article for the free paper of "Tannan-FM", my home town Sabae city local FM radio broadcasting.

"Rwandan kids so excited with IchigoJam programming school! (PDF)"

- Connect kids all over the world! Kobe x Africa x Fukui / schematic of IchigoJam
- Let's innovate by Your Home Brew Computer with African kids!
- Improve innovations with kids programming at Rwanda!
- Programming for Rwandan kids! Open Teaching Materials
- IchigoJam workshop at Tumba Collage of Technology (トゥンバ高専) in Rwanda Africa
- English and Programing will become the tool to connect kids all over the world! / ルワンダ記、英語とプログラミングがつなぐ世界
- Number Game on IchigoJam print / ゲームづくりは最高の学び、ルワンダ語の数編
- Rwanda 360 degrees VR tour

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