IchigoJam can control any MIDI instrument easily!

volca beats x IchigoJam

How to connect MIDI and IchigoJam
1. Flip back the MIDI socket(¥60).
2. Solder the red jumper to 2nd from the left.
3. Solder the green jumper to 4th from the left.
4. Connect the red jumper to VCC of IchigoJam.
5. Connect the green jumper to TXD of IchigoJam.

MIDI is the UART serial communication with 31,250bps.

BPS 31250:?CHR$(#90,60,100);

This is the random rhythm machine program. It's very simple!

10 LET[0],36,38,43,50,42,46,39,75,67,49 20 BPS 31250:S=0 30 SRND S 40 FOR I=0 TO 7 50 ?CHR$(#99,[RND(10)],1); 60 WAIT 10 70 NEXT 80 K=INKEY():IF K S=K 90 GOTO 30

#99 means the tone of rhythm 10ch. The numbers of line 10 are volca beats's 10 sounds. (UART0 is a command to ignore sending via UART)

Try computer music with IchigoJam!

- 【藤本健のDigital Audio Laboratory】「IchigoJam」とiPadで演奏してみた。プログラミングが学べる1ボードマイコンで遊ぶ - AV Watch

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