The first programming for kids event was held in Hiroshima prefecture!
This time I tought as 2 caliculums, a first step and making a game.

First the first step of programming with Cutlery Cards.
Progamming = Thinking + Communicating to the computer
Cutlery Cards can separate that!

Thinking the program controls a LED by the 1st grade of the elementary school (age about 6).

Talking and teaching each other within the team with Cultlery Cards!

Second how to make a game "Rafting Game" on IchigoJam.
Kids can experience to make game with short steps.

Demo of a little extended shooting game likes SPACE INVADERS on IchigoJam

Thank you kids in Hiroshima!

PCN Hiroshima (PCN広島) started!

PCN Ikuchishima (PCN生口島) started also!
Ikuchishima is a island of Hiroshima prefecture at Seto Inland Sea.
High school students teach kids live their island!

This event hold at "port.inc" great place!

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