The computer helps you whole life!
Of cause your school life too.

This program helps to improve your speed of calculation for IchigoJam.

10 S=-1:W=31 20 N=0:S=S+1:W=W-1 30 FOR I=1 TO 3 40 CLS:WAIT10 50 M=RND(9)+1 60 LC 7,3:?M 70 WAITW 80 N=N+M 90 NEXT 100 CLS:INPUT"ANS?",A 110 IF A=N ?"OK!":WAIT30:GOTO 20 120 ?"NG! A:";N 130 ?"SCORE:";S

"Flash Sum in Your Head" (フラッシュ暗算@ja)

IchigoJam with LCD shield for IchigoJam.

If you solder the LCD tilted, you can use IchigoJam like the laptop!

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