How can we read numbers in Nepal?
Let's learn "Nepali Numbers" on IchigoJam!

This is a program to show Nepali numbers.

Use ALT+0 to ALT+9 to show a number in Nepali
Run on IcihgoJam Web

1 VIDEO3:CLS:LC0,4:?"NUMBER IN NEPALI" 2 ?" ";:FORI=0TO9:?CHR$(224+I);:NEXT:? 10 [0]="0000304848300000 11 [1]="3048483040201020 12 [2]="7008087020100800 13 [3]="7008087008887020 14 [4]="8888507088887000 15 [5]="4040808090f01008 16 [6]="7080806080907008 17 [7]="8080b8a8b8887000 18 [8]="1010202040483000 19 [9]="3048483020101000 20 FORJ=0TO9:S=[J] 30 FORI=0TO7:GSB@H:M=N<<4:GSB@H:N=M+N:POKE#700+J*8+I,N:NEXT 40 NEXT:END 50 FORI=0TO9:?CHR$(224+I);:NEXT 90 END 100 @H:N=PEEK(S):S=S+1:IFN>57N=N-87ELSEN=N-48 110 RTN

I made charcter partterns on bits font maker.
And write as original characters on IchigoJam (use POKE command to write to the memory)

Enjoy programming in our real world!

Today the first IchigoJam educater was born in Nepal!

PDF「The first programming with IchigoJam
PPT「The first programming with IchigoJam
You can use freely under the CC BY open license.

In Nepal, you can find many Nepali numbers arround you!

- Day1. 2076年の元日に入国、アナログ時計を90度ひねれば読める、ネパール日本時計
- Day2. ネパールのこどもたちへプログラミングを!震災、栗城さん、PCN、IchigoJamからつながった縁 - How to make a e-musical insturemnt by IchigoJam
- Day3. Numbers in Nepali language on IchigoJam

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