In SXSW2014, I met beautiful connection!

MWC Barcelona in 2012, we brought 6 MOVERIO BT-100 and exhibit with our software. This right side EPSON man on this SXSW2014 photo who helped us there day!

「Twitter / WTEric: @taisukef - the man responsible ...」

He told me that exhibition will connect Glasses product APX-Labs.

「 » Industries」

This my favorite photo shot in MWC2012. World is connected, isn't it!

This man create a game on BT-200!

New MOVERIO(BT-200) developer site is opend! Let's make our new world!
(新型MOVERIO BT-200の開発者サイトがオープンしました!我々の新世界、創ろう!)

- Smart Glasses x Open Government = Smart City, Smart Glasses Summit! - 2012.8.4
- Malathon 10km with MOVERIO

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